Friday, September 21, 2012

The Week of Espresso!

This week has been a blessed blur.  My time has been dominated by studying, reading, working and other random requirements and meetings.  Espresso has been essential.  Ever since my grandmother loaned me her two-cup coffee maker, I've been an addict.

When I was studying in Italy, I adopted a taste for Italian espresso.  Back in the states, I find myself taking my coffee stronger than I used to (espresso, some creamer, and a little Sweet n' Low).  It's funny.  I've never brewed coffee on my own until this year...I've always relied on Starbucks or Common Grounds for that.  Making my own cup of espresso somehow makes me feel all grown up.  I get a sense of achievement when I start my coffee maker at 8:30 most mornings.  I know it's silly, confirmed by my Dad's laughter, "Yeah, it's real complicated to make coffee isn't it?"  Well, I feel like a big girl with my coffee.

To get through this week, I've relied on my espresso to keep me energized and focused.  Thank goodness it's Friday.  After a Journalism law test and a Jazz quiz on choreographers and contributions, I can finally breathe.

Blessings of this caffeinated week have included some awesome photo sessions.  I had my first newborn session yesterday, and today I get to go to a three-month session.  I am absolutely loving all the things I'm learning in my internship and all of the experiences I get to have.  I also had my first Gamma Chi meeting this week, and I'm still so excited to serve as a Gamma Chi!  Sic 'em greek life!

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