Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday Bash, Baylor football and Sunday Studying

One of my dear friends, Miss. Lauren, turned 21 this week, so we had to celebrate.  Her sweet momma treated us to dinner at Showgun on Friday night.  We laughed and had fun, while we enjoyed some yummy Japanese food and the chef's humor.

Saturday was game day.  Kaitlyn, Lauren, Ellie, Breanna and a few other friends tailgated pre-game and then cheered the bears on.  We stayed the entire game (even though it was slow), but I'm glad we did because they won!  Final score:  48-23. Sic 'em bears!  It also hit me hard, while I was singing "That Good Ol' Baylor Line," that I only have four more home games left to experience my senior year.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to bawl when I'm singing that same song at the end of the last game in December.

Sunday has been a great, relaxing day.  It's been raining all day, which made getting up for church hard, taking a nap easy and getting Starbucks wonderful.  The only down side is studying.  I have my first two tests this Friday. At least my soy latte is helping a little with the studying.

Overall, a great, rainy, football-filled weekend.

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