Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012 -- Firenze

"Squeaky-toy" birds (as we like to call them), bright sunlight, bells and construction noises are the usual Florentine wake-up calls. Today, I slept in and before I knew it, it was time to go to the Uffizi museum, which houses the Medici family's collection of art. Gorgeous pieces with brilliant colors and symbolic portrayals intrigued me. Despite my aching back and tired feet, I made it through and managed to pick up on some interesting facts.

Besides the beautiful displays themselves, I enjoy the history and story behind the piece of art. It makes viewing much more meaningful. For instance, in the renaissance, it was popular for the painter or the family paying for the painting to be included in the piece itself (they're the ones on the canvas that are usually looking at you.) Also, many times power-hungry individuals will be portrayed in religious scenes, as if they were there when it about the early procedures of advertising and public relations.

After the tour, Catherine and I found this panini place that seemed local enough. I tried the tuna. The moistness of the mayonnaise and tomatoes was the best. Here in Italia, sandwiches are usually served dry, which has been a challenge for this sauce-heavy american.

We were beat by the time we arrived back at the apartment and settled for an Italian siesta. At 5:30, we headed out to find the place we're supposed to meet tomorrow morning and enjoyed hazelnut crepes for dinner at Astro Cafe (which has become my personal favorite hangout spot.)

Now it's time to pack for the day-trip to Cinqua Terre tomorrow morning. Six a.m. will come faster than I'd like, so it's off to bed in about an hour or so.


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