Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Florence Monday Morning

On this cloudy, cool morning, I’m sitting at the breakfast table enjoying a cup of milk and a banana. As I’m writing this, I can’t help but to stare out the window at all of my new Italian neighbors’ green shutters against yellow concrete, layered with rusty brown shingles on top. It’s an absolutely breathtaking view.

This is my first morning in Florence. I’ve braved the crowded streets of Rome for a week, where I saw things that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around, that in essence, was the beginning of civilization as we know it—the coliseum, the pantheon, the Roman Forum and old catholic churches (just a few of the things we saw.)

Florence is different, though. I’m living in an authentic Italian apartment with six other girls. Meaning…no air conditioning, lots of mosquitoes, open windows, new kitchen appliances to learn and a temperamental door. The list goes on of the new things I’m going to have to learn to do and adjust to.  That’s exciting, but admittedly scary. I’m no expert on how to live the Italian life, but I figured it out in Rome. Give me a couple days here, and hopefully I’ll be calling Florence home sweet home.

Today, we are having orientation and class. At the end of all the information sessions, we will have our welcome dinner with the entire Baylor group. Basically, there’s not much on the agenda today except adjusting and exploring. Well, I feel like that’s going to be a continuing process: adjusting and exploring. I’m learning that is part of the experience. 

I’m so excited to start seeing things and learning more about Italian history and culture here in Florence. It’s been such a world wind of an adventure, that I’ve barely had time to update this blog or my journal or send emails. Hopefully, Ill get the hang of it and do a better job in the future. Until next time, ciao!

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