Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo Adventures

Cameron Park Zoo. Two taquerias. Backstage Pass. Practically Picasso. Baylor Moody Library. A home belonging to two rowdy little boys. St. Peter's Catholic Student Center. World Hunger Relief Farm. These are the places I have traveled for Media Photo I at Baylor University.

The assignments I've received for this class have been odd and extensive.  Odd because I've had to come up with some creative and sometimes uncomfortable photography topics. Extensive because I've had to hunt for my photos and edit down hundreds to choose 4-6 pictures that fit the criteria.

These next few posts will function as a series; combined, they are too long for one post.
My experiences as I recall them:

My first shoot was at the library. Why? I admit it. I waited until the last minute to get pictures for the assignment. It was dark, and really the only logical place I could think of was the library.  It turns out I wasn't the only person who had this brilliant idea; several of my other classmates took their photos here.  My teacher commented on the coincidence and said he was glad we were spending ample time at the library. Nothing eventful happened here, just pictures of books and a student.

The next photo shoot was a little more uncomfortable.  I chose Practically Picasso, a local pottery place in Waco, because I thought the place would have a lot of fun colors and opportunity for some artistic shots.  I needed a good environmental portrait, and I hoped these assets would do the trick.

I had never been to Practically Picasso, but had only heard good things about it.  I hesitantly went in and asked if I could take pictures.  The only employee, a young teenage girl, reluctantly agreed to let me take my photographs.  The lady checking out at the register, did not.  I politely asked the woman and informed her that it was for a class, but I was told no, so there went that shot.

Look for more photo adventure posts in the near future!

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