Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Sweet Apartment

One of my current roommates convinced me to write about apartment life.  I said okay because frankly I can't think of anything else to write about at the moment, and my deadline is at 2 p.m.

I've lived at the same apartment complex for almost two years now.  In the time I've lived here, I have experienced interesting people, situations, and occurrences.  Trust me, I have plenty of great roommate stories.

Cartoon from www.guidetocollegelife.com

I've always told myself that I would write a book on all of those cherished stories. (My friends and family will tell you, I've already written a few humorous songs.) Well, here is my first step...

Based on my combined two years of experience in this field, a few observations about college apartment life:

1.  There is always someone home. Or about to come home.  Or someone is about to come over.  Or maybe some random person or animal is staying over.  Privacy is limited even if you have your own room, and the walls are paper thin.

2.  Something always needs to be cleaned.  It's either the kitchen, the dishes, the trash needs to be taken out, the floors need to be mopped, or the living room needs to be vacuumed.  You're lucky if you get a roommate who knows how to share these responsibilities or even knows how to do these things.

3.  I guess this depends on where you live, but I feel like something always needs to be fixed.  In other words, something is always broken.  Example: my stove burner always emits a lovely burning smell and every time we cook, the fire alarm goes off.  This results in innovative measures to stop the fire alarm from sounding shrilling screeches.

4.  Often, the fridge is inevitably crowded.  A girl's gotta eat.

5.  You learn the ins-and-outs of dealing with people's different lifestyles.  Everyone was brought up a little different (or sometimes really different) from you.  People will do somethings that will shock you or annoy you.  Your morals could be different, too.  Although, in some instances, they might even pleasantly surprise you and give you incentive to change your habits.

College kids:  Can you relate?  Any funny roommate stories?
Can't find a good roommate?  Maybe you should try this?  Or not.