Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo Adventures--Part Two: "Three Things Secular, Three Things Sacred."

Now here was an interesting and complicated photo assignment:  three things secular, three things sacred.  More specifically, in those two categories there were even more subcategories like 'parting of the water,' 'the miracle of the fish and loaves,' 'the tree of life,' 'the best babysitter,' and 'things that fly.' Yeah. That one took some brainstorming.
I ended up driving out about 10 miles outside of Waco to photograph some rowdy boys, ages 6 and 8.  One of my best friends babysits these adorable little boys, and I've taken their picture before.  I thought I'd do Kaitlyn a favor and make her look like the best babysitter.  (She actually is a very good babysitter.)  The kids did their homework, tackled Kaitlyn, practiced piano, and climbed in a tree—all photographed.

For the sacred photos, I went to St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center, where I was approached with friendly faces, eager to help. One guy even prayed in a pew and allowed me to take a look at the bread they use for communion; I photographed both. Very kind and helpful people.  

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