Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo Adventures--Part Three: "Next Stop, World Hunger Relief Farm"

Next stop, World Hunger Relief Farm.  This place was full of activity and life the morning we went on the shoot.  It seemed lazy and quiet at first, but when I walked around and investigated the territory, there was a lot more going on than appeared. 

My morning got off to a rough start, though.  The night before was a late one.  It was pre-spring break, and my life was kind of crazy, so I was up late working on a lot of projects.  The consequence: waking up twenty minutes before we were supposed to drive out to Elm Mott.

Through the muddiness and messiness of it all, I ended up getting some great pictures of the farm animals there….mainly cats.  The people were very friendly as well.  A group of students from Michigan were staying at the farm to learn about sustainability techniques.  Overall, I was very impressed with World Hunger Relief.  They practice and teach sustainable farming techniques and participate in urban gardening.  
I will be going back for sure.

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