Monday, January 7, 2013

Snapshots of Snow and City Hall: Christmas Break 2013

Christmas break was a success.  I spent four long weeks in Little Rock with my family enjoying good food and quality time.

The first week got off to a rocky start, though because half of my family got sick.  Consequently, my sister and I were quarantined to our house and couldn't visit our grandparents or uncle.  Although that was a bummer, I accomplished a lot of work on my photography business.

Christmas rush came the following week, which is always one of my favorite times of year.  I love watching Christmas movies, wrapping gifts, cooking delicious treats and going to a candlelight Christmas Eve service.

Can you believe it?  Little Rock had a white Christmas!  Not freezing rain or messy sleet...heavy-duty, thick snow.  It was truly a winter wonderland outside.  Unfortunately, this winter storm resulted in long power outages and treacherous streets.  As you can imagine, the cabin fever started to mask the beauty of the snow after about 24 hours.

New Year's was incredible, too.  My family and I attended the swearing in of my granddaddy, Gene Fortson.  He is a Little Rock City Board Director for another term.  I am so proud of him.  After the ceremony, our family enjoyed a delicious brunch of baked bananas and sausage casserole.  Later that afternoon, I took pictures of the lovely Alyvia.  We had so much fun, and the pictures turned out great!

The rest of my time at home consisted of cover letter writing, converting VHS tapes to DVDs, four-wheeling in Humnoke and managing Brooke Bailey Photography.

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