Sunday, May 6, 2012

Junior Reflections

I'm a senior. Well, practically. After tomorrow's on-line writing and reporting presentation, at approximately 11 a.m., I will officially be a senior.  That is really hard to accept.  And that previous statement is an understatement.  I think it is only proper, well actually obligatory, to reflect on this past year as a junior.
My senior ring
First, fall brought new roommates...same apartment complex, different place, but two new roommates. I got my own room for the first time since being in college, and I'm never going back. My semester was filled with plenty of sorority obligations including songs practice and skit day meetings, and some other fun events like Traditions Rally, Girls Fight Back and Tug For Tots. I love the sorority perks.

Fall is also one of my favorite times of the year because it's football season. Rained out? Check. Evacuated for lightening? Check. Beat Texas, Oklahoma, and TCU? Check. HeIIIsman? Check. That pretty much sums up my football season.

Another great thing about fall is Baylor homecoming! This year, my mom, sister, and grandmother were able to come and experience this tradition. I can't explain the joy I felt while showing them around and watching them as they got to live out these events with me.

Most of my weekends were filled the usual, but one October weekend, I took a road trip with two of my sorority sisters. Destination: Quitaque (population 432). It was a country, convertable top down, don't approach the bison, picnic in the canyons kind of weekend. Later in the semester, we traveled to Dallas to window shop, get our nails done, and eat some cheesecake.

With spring came even more sorority fun. I graced the stage as a pirate, adopted a little into my family, went roller-blading, and participated in Sing as a specialty dancer. I took some really interesting classes, where I was able to work on my writing and photography skills. This semester I also started my position as public relations chair and historian in my sorority, where I have been able to design, take pictures, and write as well.  Oh and a congratulations to the national champions: Sic 'Em Lady Bears! Between Sing, my work load, and photo shoots, this semester has definitely been the busiest so far.(Why do I keep saying this every semester?)

That's the short version. I just condensed my year into a few paragraphs, and I know I left some things out. So what were some of the most memorable things that I will take away from this year?

  • My passion for writing and photography has intensified, especially photography, and I am so excited to see where it will take me. I feel so lucky and blessed to have realized my passions and part of my calling in the adult world.
  • I am extremely thankful and blessed to be a Baylor Bear.
  • It's really incredible to be part of a sisterhood.
  • Tim McGraw was right...You really do find out who your friends are.
I am constantly reminded that God's plan is the best plan, and that everything is made so stunningly beautiful and incredibly perfect through Him. I love life. Seriously. I look forward to the next minute, hour, day, month, and years to come.  

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